Friday, May 3, 2013

Solar Window Film Offera a Lot of Benefits

Experts in the solar window film industry already know that professionally installed window films typically reduces exposure to UV radiation by up to 99%, reduces glare, interior fading and hot spots.  This means applying window films on your home's windows, or on your vehicle windows, can help prevent skin cancer for anyone who spends a lot of time near these windows.  As an example, skin cancer has been one of the career hazards of long-haul drivers and the International Window Film Association (IWFA) hopes that getting this important information widely publicized to the public will help lower the instances of UV related skin cancer.

Not only does solar window film help in the reduction of skin cancer, it is a cost effective energy savings choice.  A recently released study by a, "California energy consultant firm ConSol, revealed that window film is the most cost-effective energy saving choice for Californians when used in retrofit applications on homes and buildings" - this was published in the May-June, 2012 issue of IWFA's magazine "Window Film".  California is setting the standard for energy legislation and building codes nationally and is including many energy related requirements for new buildings.  While solar film is not yet required, many existing commercial buildings are finding that by adding solar films to their properties they are realizing large savings in electrical bills for heating and cooling their buildings.

Every home owner should look into applying solar films to their home's windows; not only will they save energy dollars they will reduce glare, summer heat and fading of their interior flooring and furniture.  The study mentioned above said...that window film is, "an effective means of reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) when used in retrofitting existing buildings".  According to the report, "most GHG comes from homes and buildings built before 1980 and window films can be a viable ingredient in the fight against GHG".

We have offered our clients solar, security and anti-graffiti window films since 1996 and would be happy to discuss your needs.  Just give us a call at 707-578-0849 or 707-481-5323 for a free consultation.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Plantation Shutters - A Great Investment


“If you don’t have something positive to say, just don’t say anything!” this was my mother’s advice to me as a child.  It’s been hard for me to sit down lately and find a lot of positive news about decorating your home these days.  But, today the sun is out, my spirits have picked up from the winter blahs and it’s time to look forward to spring once again.  Just finished pruning our roses in the front yard and my husband mowed and fertilized the lawn….ah it’ll be spring soon.  And, today is my only brother’s birthday - a beginning of a new year for him once again.
Walt & I are in the process of working on a really wonderful home, a brand new construction in Marin County.  When we met with the new owners and their Realtor at the house, it was refreshing to hear what a Realtor thinks are the best window coverings for resale in her market.  It appears that plantation shutters in Marin County are still highly valuable when it comes to reselling your home there.  The Realtor said that the market in Marin has placed a high value on custom shutters, so this helped our client to decide to have us install 37 of them in their new home.

 We will be installing the Hunter Douglas Palm Beach polysatin style plantation shutters as they are economical yet stylish and will hold up to family use for many years.  They are easily cleaned and maintained and offer great energy saving qualities.   UV resistant shutters that can stand harsh sunlight or humidity, plus are guaranteed not to warp, crack, fade, chip, peel or discolor – what more can you ask for in a shutter?  Plus, I think their new home will look stylishly fabulous when the shutters have been installed. 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Put a Little Spring Back Into Your Home

 Ah spring, the time to renew and refresh our homes and our gardens.  You can put a little spring back into your home with a little effort by adding patterned fabrics on furniture, draperies, rugs and more.  Patterns don't have to be floral in traditional chintz, as there are now many abstract prints that are very contemporary to update the look of your home.

New window coverings go a long way in refreshing your decor.  There are so many new products on the market today that you don't have to be stuck with the old bent mini-blinds of the past.  Now there are cloth shades of all types that let the light in but offer privacy to almost room darkening shades.  They come in all colors and have an abundance of fabrics from which to choose.

Other items to consider when refreshing your home can be small things like new place mats for your table, adding colorful plates to match your dinner ware, new bed linens, throw pillows, wall art or adding a few new plants or silk flowers can add life and color to your rooms.  A coat of fresh paint does wonders to update your home.  Along with the usual spring cleaning chores, make sure that your windows sparkle.

Plant some new flowers near your front door to welcome your guests and spiff up your curb appeal.  You'll be guaranteed to get the spring back into your home with just a little effort both inside and outside your home.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Home Fashion Forecast Summer 2011

Hunter Douglas Palm Beach Shutter
I recently ran across the "Home Fashion Forecast" summer edition.  This magazine is published for the design professional and is full of advertisements to show the newest home furnishings, accessories, lighting, area rugs, etc.   The magazine can be looked at on line which is interesting.  Their "Season's picks:  Well tailored sofas, royal accents, eco-friendly wallpapers, "wood" table lamps, mirrored accents and an ode to the circle."  It's been awhile but the antiqued mirrored accents of the 1970's are back. YUCK!  They're calling  the style "traditional refreshed".  Bold blue is back too along with florals that remind me of the early 1960's...never expected to see the old daisy pattern again, yet here it is.  (Spent the better part of the morning today looking at one well-known fabric supplier's website trying to research a project I've been working on and there they were...the daisies that is...once again.)  Traditional furniture is now painted unexpected colors to liven the mix of modern and traditional furnishings.  There are also a lot of bold pinks and orange colors that go nicely with the blues.
They say if you live long enough you'll see the same things again and again.  To me this "traditional refreshed" is more of the same old thing - but with a new coat of paint.  Happy decorating!